Epik Media

EPK & Behind-the-Scenes Documentary

We produce immersive, innovative & cinematic, behind-the-scenes & EPK content for the world’s most respected film studios, broadcasters, & productions.

We can prep, plan & produce professional EPK packages, creative spots & promos, unit stills, gallery shoots, press junkets, & proven engaging social media content.

Anyone who works in the realms of BTS knows that it’s an ever-changing world. How and where audiences ingest & engage with promotional content is constantly in flux, so we appreciate the need to be savvy and adaptable. There’s no “one size fits all” regarding publicity. At EPIK, we’re always ready to be flexible and innovative. We can work independently as a self-sufficient team with a Field Producer driving the project from start to finish, coordinating your crew, and shooting from prep to post-production and delivery. We can help identify the stories to be told, devise interview questions & propose package themes and content. But we can also work as an extension of a team if the specific crew is required (a BTS DP, for example). We’re always happy to join forces and become an integral part of any team.


EPiK Media’s EPK crew generates a first-hand perspective that enables marketing teams to create material in harmony with the production or project. Our highly experienced team appreciates that a busy set can be a tricky environment to navigate. Still, we pride ourselves on our professionalism, talent & proficiency, knowing that solid relationships, respect & cooperation with the production crew are essential. This approach results in the unique & valuable behind-the-scenes content for which EPIK has become known & trusted.


We can provide you with an on-site dedicated EPK Production Coordinator for those projects that need an extra bit of support. This option is ideal for projects with a larger crew or for international clients traveling to Ireland to help lessen the load for the production office. In addition to production & post-production support, we can assist with travel, accommodation, & workspace arrangements to help you schedule, scout for locations & book crew for your EPK & promo shoots.


Our EPIK crew & services can be scaled to meet your production size & budget

  • BTS/EPK – shooting crew, producers & post-production
  • Promo/Trailer – full shooting crew as well as HMU, costume etc.
  • Unit Stills Photography
  • Digital content – specialist social media content, AR/VR, blogging, graphic design, podcast production

Selected Works


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