Corporate, Promo & Event

We work with leading businesses & organisations of all sizes, shapes & budgets delivering proven impactful content with passion, purpose & imagination

We’re a young team with years of experience in creative marketing, documentary making as well as social and digital media management, so we understand the value of branding & the importance of successful storytelling.

The EPIK team has the knowledge & skills to deliver even the most demanding projects. We listen very carefully to your needs & help you achieve your goals. We operate across an array of platforms, delivering content & experiences that excite audiences and exceeds expectation. We’re always open to explore every style and outlet, be it promotional, documentary, motion graphic, cinematic, vlogging, 360, digital and social media content, blogging, the list goes on.

Instructional & Tutorial Services

We also extend our services to help clients expand their own knowledge as well as their employees’ skills. We host and produce tutorials in a wide range of topics. We can work with you as an extension of your team in devising and producing instructional, tutorial or demonstration videos.

EPIK MEDIA also host live and recorded tutorial services for businesses who wish to improve upon their own filming and editing skills, from basic phone-camera filming, to more advanced skills. We produce tailored tutorial videos which becomes an invaluable and long-lasting resource for any business.

Selected Works


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